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Product Update: Walk app new features

We are delighted to announce a new release of our Walk canvassing app. Based on feedback from our canvassing community around the world we have upgraded the user experience, navigation and visualization to create an even better experience for canvassers.

So, what's changed?
Firstly, our map view of your walk-list has been overhauled to show house pins differently from the old diamond icons. The map page will load significantly quicker too so you can scroll in and out more easily!

Secondly, the bottom navigation tabs have changed to include a search tab which should help canvassers to find voters or locations quicker.

Thirdly, the bottom navigation no longer has a map tab, the map is now contained in the three-dot navigation tab at the top of the app. This will allow canvassers to access different canvassing views like List, Voters, Streets, and Map more easily.

Finally, you will notice improved speed and rendering overall. There are better filtering options of your voters on iOS and coming soon on Android. And there and now tallies of the number of voters in a house, and the number of houses on a street for canvassers.

You wanted fast, you wanted beautiful, you wanted the best canvassing app experience in the world. You got it.

If you would like to get one of our team to give you a run-through of the new interface just click the link here to schedule.

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