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Save our Village - Greenwood Village

At the beginning of the year, the Greenwood Village City Council discussed a proposed plan for a 60-acre development plan near Orchard Station and Interstate 25. The plan drew extensive criticism from residents over its potential impact on traffic, safety and the character of the city, which has fewer than 15,000 inhabitants.

Former Greenwood Village City Councilman Dave Kerber said there wasn’t enough room for the traffic that the proposed new development would bring.

“We just can't keep adding more development without thinking about the consequences,” said Kerber.

Kerber is part of “Save our Village,” a group that placed signs around the city opposing the proposed 60-acre development plan near Orchard Station and Interstate 25. The plan would have included residential, retail and office buildings. So back in January, the city council discussed options for a special election in which the village voters would be able to decide the fate of the special planning district. The idea of holding such a referendum would allow every resident vote and have a say. This special election was set for June 6th.

Save Our Village and Ecanvasser

The Save our Village campaign had one message and that was Vote No! They came to Ecanvasser to help organise their campaign and we were glad they did.

They recruited a 15 plus team of volunteers who went out and canvassed in the months leading up to the June referendum. They were able to secure a database of around 11,000 people which was nearly all the Greenwood Village residents and successfully canvassed nearly 2,000 of those people. By using Ecanvasser technology, this allowed them to assign different areas of the village to certain teams. This way, they covered more ground and campaigned effectively. A well-organized ground game combined with a strong social media campaigns and media coverage saw the Save the Village campaign in a strong position come June.


After polls closed, the GV Planning and Zoning Commission rejected the Century Communities project application in the Orchard area by a 6-1 margin. While the reasons of the Commissioners varied, it was clear that some of the Commissioners had listened to the voice of the people. The Save the Village team stated that “It was and continues to be so important that we the citizens show up and make our voices heard. The case now goes on to the City Council for final resolution.”

The residents of Greenwood Village will hold its City Council election on November 7, 2017. This is an all-mail election and voters will receive their ballots in mid-October.

Candidates rosters are now set for the Greenwood Village city council elections. Save Our Village supporters are running in: District 1, Dave Bullock and Jerry Presley; District 2, Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber, District 3, George Lantz and Steve Moran and District 4 Judy Hilton and Jeff Kahn. Pro-growth incumbent council members Freda Miklin, District 1, Darryl Jones, District 2 and TJ Gordon District 4 are running to retain their seats.

We look forward to monitoring their progress as they continue to represent the voice of the village.

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