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Since so many of you request for Voice and SMS services we thought we'd find the one that works the best and review it. Here's a quick review of CallHub, a Voice and SMS marketing software that integrates bi-directionally with NationBuilder. They work with quite a few political campaigns and causes.

What can you do with CallHub?

  • Run Voice Broadcasting campaigns
  • Send SMS marketing messages
  • Manage calling campaigns through their call center product.
  • Easy integration

Overall,we found their service really easy to use and setup. We added our NationBuilder info into CallHub and then with a click of a button easily imported contacts from NationBuilder into CallHub.

What we liked:

CallHub also integrates with custom fields so that the data can be exported easily. SMS-based surveys can send auto-replies to SMS campaigns based on keywords. You can typically use it for surveys, outreach programs, reminders, confirmations, and verifications.

Their Call Center product definitely makes phone banking easy to manage. CallHub removes the dependency on physical phones, excel sheets, and paper. You can use the tool to assign volunteers, add a phonebook and input the script to be used by all volunteers. CallHub then calls each volunteer and connects them to a contact. Once a call is done, the next contact is called automatically. There is no need for manual input. It makes training easier. During the call, volunteers can enter their feedback or fill in survey questions right into CallHub. All the data is then synced into NationBuilder.

What we did with CallHub:

For an event where we needed RSVPs, we sent out an SMS asking people to confirm participation. The people that replied with a "Yes" were tagged in NationBuilder automatically. It was really easy to then send out email to them alone.

Why we recommend them:

Competitive pricing : Their calls are charged for every 30 sec. This is perfect for VB campaigns where the a script is usually very short. They do not charge a monthly subscription to use their service, you only pay for what you use.

Unlimited agents : They don't charge you for every agent you add to your calling campaign
Fast and Reliable : Our campaigns were sent out without any glitches and we saved a lot of time too.

Bi-directional integration : They integrate seamlessly with NationBuilder and other CRM's like Salesforce, making them much easier to onboard.

Reports : You get in-depth reports on all campaigns that you run.

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