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Talk Less, Smile More

“Talk less, smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for”

O ya, that’s a quote from the hottest (only) political musical around right now - Hamilton. The hip-hop inspired broadway showstopper examines the legacy of one of the US’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton, the man credited with establishing their financial system. You know that guy on the $10 bill?

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of people enjoying the current US presidential race are wondering why a few candidates don’t take Aaron Burr’s advice and “talk less, smile more”. A media fiasco, this race has turned a worrying corner in the eyes of some GOP members. Not satisfied with seeing Trump cruising to the nomination, they are now checking and rechecking their roster. Mitt Romney, Condoleezza Rice - can we get Bloomberg to run? Panic is definitely in the air because everytime Trump opens his mouth, their party is at risk of offending another world leader, another demographic, another news presenter - “talk less, smile more” Donald, please!

So the real estate mogul has been attacked from all angles and still comes up stronger, that’s admirable, right? Ted Cruz’s only answer is to ask the other candidates to throw in the towel so he can have a fighting chance, admirable? Hardly.

Let's park all these #StopTrump campaigns for a minute and focus on who exactly is voting for him because they do exist. He isn’t hijacking the Republican party, no, not by any means. Consistently earning upwards of 33% of the vote, Trump is gaining votes from people who want to watch the chaos and people who consider him a beacon of hope. Conor Friedersdorf from the Atlantic examined Trump voters back in August and one person who advocated for the millionaire described him as “Low Risk, High Reward, how much damage can he really do”. I wonder if this opinion still stands?

State Primaries? Yes, We All Care

No Republican has ever won the White House without Ohio so a bigger test looms for Trump. John Kasich, the Ohio Governor narrowly leads Trump in the polls. In a debate Thursday night, Kasich sought to remind Ohioans of the improvement in the state's employment picture while he's been Governor and of his budget work as a congressman, in this way contrasting himself with Trump's lack of experience. Trump lacked specifics on some policies but worked to sell his credentials as a business dealmaker and a formidable opponent to Democrats in November.

Rubio and Cruz are the only other GOP candidates left in the race with Rubio looking vulnerable coming into his home state of Florida, we could soon see a Cruz vs Trump dogfight if Kasich bites the bullet there too. The idea that the GOP will drop in an alternative candidate anytime soon will not be taken well by the millions of Americans, who will see this as a total mistrust in their democratic right. Ultimately, attention to the primaries and caucuses have never been examined so closely and we have Trump to thank for that. In other news, Clinton/Sanders are still duelling it out, in what has become a somewhat boring Democratic battle.

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