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Campaigning through Covid_19

Campaigning through Covid 19

For years, we have been trying to bring it home to politicians how important face-to-face outreach is. We were well aware of the power of social media and online engagement but there is always something missing from purely digital contact that requires the input of real-world interactions.

Digital campaigning

Well, that time has now changed. We have been forced back behind the screen, but, for good reason. As the world struggles to come to grips with Covid_19, a virus that is infecting and harming many of our vulnerable, we must rethink. Rethink how we live our lives daily, rethink how we maintain some kind of normality and rethink our relationships with one another.

Instead of falling victim to panic, we must stay positive. Maybe try and avoid those WhatsApp groups for a few days even. In many countries, we are waiting for hourly updates from our government officials and in most cases, we can be proud of how they are talking to us and empathizing with us. At this stage we know we must abide by social distancing and even though face-to-face is on hiatus it will return in time and until then we can still lead our communities online. People have been very vocal on social media about how wonderful it is to see how tight-knit communities have become in the face of this unprecedented adversity. Offers of support and help are everywhere.

So, if you are a candidate or campaigner let’s take a look at what you can do, rather than looking at what you can’t.

Now is the time that your voters and supporters will remember when they go to the polls. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, last night addressed his country and despite public support for his party being at an historic low, today, post-speech, he is being seen in a new light by the electorate because of his leadership.

Being active without being outside

Phone canvassing - using something like CallHub - is a great way to keep your communications up with voters. If you don't have access to a voter file with phone numbers just let us know and we can access it for you.

Email marketing - using something clean and simple like Mailchimp - can work really well as a way to keep voters up-to-date with containment measures and your campaign messaging.

Social media advertising - is another great way to get your campaign visibility out there so consider geo-targeting for the short term to maintain name recognition.

Remember field campaigns are on hiatus, not gone for good so get ready for the comeback! Scheduled campaign events are already being transformed into virtual events.

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