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Working For The Future: The UK Green Party

The UK Green Party has just come off the back of a very successful local election campaign, increasing their number of councilors to 21 in England and Wales, with the Scottish Green Party also making large gains to 19 councilors. Hopes are high among the 55,000 strong membership that the General Election on June 8th will produce similar gains.

Across a number of target constituencies like Bath, Sheffield and the Isle of Wight where the Greens have very strong candidates, there is confidence that the assumed Tory whitewash might be halted.

The Greens, like many of their sister parties across Europe, Australia and Canada, have been very quick to adopt new technologies to help their candidates communicate with voters and build grassroots support. This is evident in their membership base being only slightly smaller than the better known Liberal Democrats. In fact, it is a recognition of the unique position that Green parties tend to have, at the intersection of political and advocacy work.

Among the Green party local organizational structure there is a recognition that campaign and constituency technology can help, first of all, to reduce the impact of paper waste, but, more importantly, serve to strengthen grassroots support. Technology such as cloud-based voter databases, mobile apps for outreach work, sophisticated segmentation tools, online fundraising and email blasters all play their part in bringing the Greens to the forefront of campaign tech in the UK.

With a targeted focus for the UK General Election, the Greens have processed over 86,000 voters through Ecanvasser’s campaign technology platform, allowing them to reach voters at the door and in their community over 8,000 times, with 64 local team members running the system. This usage of one system for organizing campaign teams allows a great deal of cross-fertilisation of ideas and strategy. It also gives visibility to national HQ into the best, and most effective way of running campaigns.

A move to eradicate paper systems from political offices and a greater emphasis on cohesive party infrastructure will benefit the UK Green Party as a whole. In doing this they have taken an important first step in showing the way to other parties in the UK.

Understanding that the digital economy relies heavily on raw earth material is what makes the Greens relationship with Ecanvasser so solid. Looking ahead to June 8th, we will see how far the Green Party can push their policies and achieve success at the polls.

If you'd like to learn more about Ecanvasser why not get the app and dashboard for free and see what it can do for your campaign.

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