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Things We Get Asked...A Lot!

Being a small company we pride ourselves on being able to connect with each of our customers on an individual level. Recently we began to notice that some questions tend to crop up over and over again and we decided it was time to share the most common questions we get asked with our audience. So, if you want to bypass a few hour of head scratching, check out our FAQ’s below.

Does our software and mobile apps work outside of the United States?

Yes, we help campaigns based all over the world and are based in Ireland.

I have a NationBuilder Account, can I sync data with Ecanvasser?

Ecanvasser supports a full two-way integration with your existing NationBuilder account, ensuring smarter canvassing for NationBuilder customers. You see exactly what information is able to be transferred between the two accounts below.

Is there any restrictions when uploading my voter file?

Voter Files can be: .xlsx, .xls, or .csv, and should be a maximum size of 40mb.

When we speak to campaign managers, we always ask them to have a strategy made out; how many people do you plan on talking to, how many doors are you going to knock on etc.

Depending on the type of operation you are running, it may be easier to deal with multiple voter files rather than one large file. That's where our next answer comes in.

Can I merge voter files?

Uploading numerous voter files could previously cause duplication amongst your voter profiles or constituents. Our new Voter File Merge Update will now eradicate this and allow you to simply update your voter information.

When merging voter files, the primary voter file will take on any additional information present in a newer import. Voter profiles will be linked and updated through the unique identifier of the Voter ID which is standard on many voter files

Geocoding, what is it?

Geocoding is the process whereby the addresses within your Voter File are assigned geographic coordinates, so as that they may be displayed on your Map. On Ecanvasser, this process is completed via Google Maps.

Google Maps is quite adept at locating addresses, however, addresses can occasionally pose an issue. If there are houses that we have been unable to Geocode, you may alter these, and attempt to re-Geocode.

There are a number of processes by which you may do this. That said, as these methods are related it is advisable to read this entire article prior to beginning the process, to both save time and ensure the integrity of your data.

What is the pricing plan?

Our pricing plan is accessible for all types of campaigns, with our prices starting at €49 for Voter Files that range from 0 - 15,000.
You can find out more here

How do I change my billing information?

This is asked very frequently due to the fast-paced nature of political campaigning and the constant switching of hands during a campaign cycle.

Finally, how can I export my data?

You can export any data stored on Ecanvasser onto an excel sheet at any time.

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