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Stand Out From The Crowd

During a recent coffee shortage in the office (if you follow our Instagram stories, you will know all about coffeegate) we got chatting about our individual merits and talents. This, in turn, led to a personal internal monologue (happens regularly.)

I began thinking, why are some people much better at, not only identifying their own individual merits but also have an ability to capitalize on these skills and use them to their advantage in their daily lives. There is a fundamental difference between being able to say ‘I am really good at X’ and boasting. We all have a ‘unique selling point’ so why can’t we just say it outright?

I believe there is a cultural element to this inability to talk about what we are good at. In Ireland and Britain, we are known for our ubiquitous self-deprecating manner whereas, in the U.S, folks tend to be much better at selling themselves and feel comfortable broadcasting their talents. To gently begin this quest into publicising my own skills, let me first talk about Ecanvasser’s USPs and this will ease me into sharing my own. I have whittled Ecanvasser’s USPs down to three;

Accessibility: Do you remember what it was like in the 90’s (I am showing my age) when the advent of mobile technology began and only a select number of people could afford a mobile phone because the tech was prohibitively expensive? Unfortunately, a lot of campaign tech today is still beyond the reach of many campaigns- Ecanvasser isn’t. Our vision is that every campaign should be able to afford to use technology to reach their voters and maximize their return on effort.

Support: We are lovely, no really, we are. It is a running joke in the office that I mention to everyone that we are Irish but I do think there is an inextricable link between our Irishness and our friendliness. When talking to partners, I hear it time and time again that our Customer Success team is the best in the industry by a long shot. We understand that not everyone is a field tech native and the customer success team will happily guide you through the process.

User Experience: Again going back to the mobile phone analogy, I remember my father’s first mobile phone as not being particularly mobile or portable- it had an aerial, was really clunky and nobody could quite work out how to use it. At Ecanvasser, we believe that the whole point of campaign tech is to make the lives of the campaign manager and field team a lot easier. That is why Ecanvasser was built from the ground up and why our dev team are constantly updating the Ecanvasser interface, streamlining our dashboard and app and adding new features.

I used to think that I didn’t have any discernible talent. I am not an exceptional singer, I am certainly too clumsy to juggle and the less we say about my mediocre piano playing, the better (my fingers resemble cocktail sausages, I was never going to be a classical pianist. Self-deprecation, check.) However, I now know that I have other skills- I am empathic, I have the ability to speak in public and address a room full of strangers without breaking into a cold sweat and I enjoy meeting new people. These skills helped me land my lovely job at Ecanvasser and help me continue to grow and thrive in my role here. Let me know what you think about Ecanvasser, and if you are brave enough, feel free to share your personal USP with me!

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