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Update: Voter File Merge

Most of the time, Campaign Managers can experience frustration dealing with voter files, due to a number of mitigating factors. They can come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes need a bit of extra attention to get in line for proper use. Running campaigns and dealing with canvassing software requires you to deal with these files daily but it doesn’t make the process any easier.

Ecanvasser’s latest update hopes to simplify this procedure.

Voter File Merge

Uploading numerous voter files could previously cause duplication amongst your voter profiles or constituents. Our new Voter File Merge Update will now eradicate this and allow you to simply update your voter information.

When merging voter files, the primary voter file will take on any additional information present in a newer import. Voter profiles will be linked and updated through the unique identifier of the Voter ID which is standard on many voter files.

Undo Voter File Imports

You will now also be able to undo voter file imports.

This feature allows for imports to be reversed should the user make a mistake during the merging process. It also ensures no data is lost by allowing the user to rollback their data to how it was before the merge began.

It is still important to note if you make manual edits to your file within Ecanvasser, you cannot reverse this action.

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