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Voter Lists: The Prime Voter

Knowing and understanding your voters is the first step towards success in any campaign. This is why you should not undervalue the importance of your voter list. If you are new to the campaigning game, familiarize yourself with the voter file process. There are two ways to obtain this list, you can either purchase or build it up from scratch.

Purchased Lists

All voter lists should include standard information such as name, address, gender, age and registration date. Other important information you should consider when purchasing a list is voter history. Lists that you can filter by Prime, Double Prime and Triple Prime Voter.


Knowledge of individual voting history allows you to streamline your voter outreach.

Prime Voters: A voter who voted in the last election is known as a Prime Voter

Double Prime: If they have voted in the last two they are Double Prime Voters

Triple Prime: In the last 3 elections, we won’t bore you with the rest.

How Is This Information Useful

Now you understand what this data means, you must figure out how it will help you this election season. Voters who have voted in past elections are a key demographic for all campaigns. If they’ve voted in the past number of elections, they become even more key.

Do a quick analysis:

How many people have voted in the last election?

How many have voted in the last two elections?

What was the average age of your current prime voters?

By asking yourself these simple questions you will be able to group together segments of your voter file to target over a period of time.

  • Perhaps during Week 1 of campaigning, you will assign a team to focus on Prime Voters in a certain jurisdiction.

  • Week 2 and the Final week of your canvassing you can visit the Double Prime Voters.

  • For your Polling day Operation, you may then designate a different to target Triple Prime Voters or even just the Prime Voters once more.

Whatever way you decide to split up your voter file, voter history is something which should be considered and remember it is best done early in the campaign.

If you want to learn more about voter file segmentation or how Ecanvasser can help your campaign in general. Please sign up below.

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