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Campaigning while WFH

Campaigning while WFH

Now is not a time to sell -- unless you are selling value!

The last few weeks have sent everyone scrambling, it’s funny to think back to when Wuhan was just another region in China, Tom Hanks wasn’t patient zero of the celebrity family and our hospitals/front line staff weren’t risking their lives daily to combat a virus that has the world on its knees.

Each person in a country affected by Covid_19 has been impacted. The tragedy of it all is that our most vulnerable are frightened, quite literally, for their lives and it took weeks of social distancing to realize that were weren’t doing enough.

What now?

While now, many of us who are lucky enough to work from home, try and adapt - we complain often but in the back of our minds we know we are lucky! We are the segment of society who still have employment, who have good health and who are merely staying indoors so we do not spread this deadly virus to friends, family and strangers alike.

The issue of how connected we are as people has never been more of a problem - retiring indoors we have removed the physical contact and now we need to digitally reconnect. Digesting this period as people who operate in the political sector - campaign software providers who specialize in face to face outreach no less - we too have had to shift direction to help our clients out.

Like Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield stated earlier this week, things “just magically get done” now. It seems a pandemic spurred the team at Slack on to innovate at a speed that nobody knew they could. The surge in usage in a remote working tool is no surprise - the insane surge in how we are using it is inspiring.


As communities we are striving to stay productive and not slack off, pardon the pun, during our ‘Covid holidays’. Political campaigners are taking the same line. Moving all canvassing and face to face events to the internet. Virtual townhalls and tele speaking events are happening daily. People are so new to this scene, mistakes will happen and that’s fine. Nobody can be an expert when this has literally never happened before. Live streaming is now the best way to reach broad audiences, years after we first spoke about it. Likewise, political email campaigns have found new life - subject lines are creative and actionable. Any campaign who shuts down now risks disappearing into the abyss completely. Your Election day may have moved but it has not been moved forever.

What are we doing?

We are currently running a daily webinar which talks to budding campaigners and consultants about different ways they can communicate with their supporters or audience when face to face is no longer on the table. Many are fearful and squeamish about talking to anyone about politics right now but there are ways to stay connected. To these people I say to use this opportunity to help - right now it is not your time to gain anything from anyone - now is you time to give back. These are the times that will matter later.

As I said earlier - now is not the time to sell. Now is the time to build good relationships, test products, ask questions, jump on webinars, explore social media and STAY AT HOME.

Stay tuned for next weeks #WFH Diaries.

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