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Words To Live By: Best Career Advice

The first piece in our Words To Live By series which sees us talk to individuals who have chosen (or fallen) into a career in politics or campaigning. When reaching out to people we asked them to share with us wise words they have received or words of advice they would like to share with others.

“Do not run for office until you have made some money and have financial independence. If you must stay in office to put bread on your table, you will lose your soul.”

**Jay Townsend**, Political Consultant, NY..

"Politicians need to keep in touch with their constituents and act upon their complaints and concerns, I can't solve every problem but I promise that I will always try. Too many politicians get elected and then forget their constituents for the next four years."

**Cllr. Brian Silvester** is a Councillor with over 40 years experience in the field and also serves as an Honorary Alderman of Cheshire. Heis a former Leader and Mayor of Crewe and Nantwich Council and also a former Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council.

"My best advice was to spend a lot of time knocking on doors and really listening to people. That led to me joining many campaign groups with my active brand of Christianity clear. People respect reality and commitment."

Mike Allen is a member of East Devon District Council and is responsible for actions which help organizations improve, leaders lead and empowers people to achieve all they can become.

“The best advice I would give any candidate is that it's very important to hold your nerve and not allow rival campaigns or media commentary to derail or influence carefully laid plans. Design your campaign well in advance, ensure there is a clear chain of command to run the campaign, and only ever adjust campaign strategy in response to extraordinary external events."

Bronwen Maher, Director of Elections and Political Adviser to Dublin Independent MEP Nessa Childers. A former Dublin City Council member, Bronwen has vast experience in political operations in both Ireland and Europe.

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