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Ecanvasser gives you an effective way to maximize field sales, manage door-to-door canvassing, and track field activity in real time.

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Keep your sales and canvassing data all in one place. Not all over the place.

The Ecanvasser dashboard lets you centralize all your data points and build a visual database of your community. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create a custom mobile app that streamlines your teams’ workflow in the field.

  • See where all your contacts are located on a dynamic map

  • Cut turf areas and generate route plans with a few clicks

  • Track and segment contacts, and get visibility into their full interaction history

Turf cutting
Route planning
Drag & drop app builder
Contact database


No more notebooks.
No more spreadsheets.

Stay organized at every step with a centralized platform and mobile apps that are as simple to set up as they are to use. Manage and monitor field sales, canvassing, and communication from one place.

  • Ecanvasser’s software is easy to customize to suit your use case

  • Create surveys, polls, and customer databases in minutes

  • Reduce manual admin and post-canvassing data entry

Outreach events & scheduling
Team management
Callback notifications
Tasks & reminders


Collect new leads and community insights with minimal effort

Ecanvasser lets your teams quickly capture leads, online and offline conversations, and survey responses right from the doorstep — in a way that’s easy and fun.

  • Send walk-list assignments and instructions directly to your field teams’ mobile devices

  • Track field activity and locations in real time

  • Manage and organize follow-ups with sales leads and voters

Real-time insights
Ticket management
Reporting & field tracking
API & integrations

Combine the features you need to match the way that you work

Contact database
Tasks & reminders
Ticket management
Real-time insights
Outreach events & scheduling
Route planning
Callback notifications
Drag & drop app builder

Connect to 5,000+ apps

Seamlessly connect Ecanvasser to 5,000+ apps including Salesforce, HubSpot, NationBuilder, and MailChimp — or use our API to sync Ecanvasser with your existing systems.

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"The daily, weekly, and monthly reports save me a tremendous amount of time. We get monthly reports back with the number of doors knocked, the number that answered, and the number of sales. That allows me to look at the conversion ratios and know how the team will perform based on previous data."

Neil Rogers
Head of Residential Sales at Truespeed

"We chose Ecanvasser because of the dashboard’s ease of use for employees, useful walk lists, and field tracking. Now we have a clear view of what’s happening in the field each day and have saved countless hours on admin."

Matt Whitworth
Head of Sales at BRSK

"There is accountability for sales reps. We can see how they’re doing in terms of field tracking, and having that birds-eye view and insight into the team is really valuable."

Peter Scrivener
Team Leader at Hyperoptic

"We used Ecanvasser when facing into a challenging election campaign. The campaign toolkit made a huge impact getting our teams out talking to voters. The insights we got on our voters made it the most valuable tool in our campaign."

Jim Watson
Mayor Ottawa

"The Ecanvasser system exceeded our expectations. We succeeded in garnering 39.3% of the vote in a Primary Election with 5 candidates. Our next closest competitor got 19.1%. We have already created a separate account for the runoff election."

Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy for Circuit Judge

"Connecting with our supporters in person has been a game-changer, and Ecanvasser has been the catalyst for that. We have a much better understanding of not only who is supporting us, but also the issues that they care about and the change they want to see in their area."

Brett Allred
Director of Strategy at Fast
Jim Watson portraitPatrick Kennedy potraitBrett portrait

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