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Connect your organizing stack with Ecanvasser's API

Streamline your organization across multiple platforms. Connect your existing tech stack using an intuitive API with endpoints for pages, people, and more.

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    Unlock siloed information in your organization and spend more time communicating

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    Bypass system blockers and integrate your canvassing data with your organization

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    Learn more about how to transfer data flexibly with Ecanvasser's instinctive API

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NationBuilder integration

NationBuilder and Ecanvasser are a powerful combination of digital organizing and field organizing tech. Ecanvasser's community platform allows you to visualize and reach your supporters where they are in the real world while NationBuilder's email, website and supporter engagement toolkit reaches them online.

Organizing nonprofits, advocacy and political organizations just got a whole lot easier with the most complete tech stack for community focused groups.

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    Mobile apps for canvassing, surveys, volunteer recruitment and peer-to-peer fundraising.

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    Push notifications directly to your supporters' mobile phones, connecting them to your organizational messaging and directing them to action every day.

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    Analyze your campaign efforts as it happens, understand your community in vivid detail and track the issues that are being spoken about on the ground

L2 Data integration

For over 50 years, L2 has continued to be the most trusted source for enhanced voter data, and it’s now fully integrated with the world’s best-in-class political canvassing software, Ecanvasser. Seamlessly bring voter and consumer data from L2 to your canvassers in-app.

L2’s national voter file is the most accurate and frequently updated in the marketplace and contains the largest number of file segments for traditional and digital targeting.

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    Create a simple contact list or customize your own by choosing from over 600 consumer, voter, and behavioral attributes.

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    Sort through hundreds of millions of records instantly and assign walk lists and phone lists to your canvassers.

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    Make every touchpoint count, including canvassing walk lists, phone lists, email lists, mailing lists, text lists, and digital targeting.

L2 Data logo with L2's brand symbol and 'Better Data, Better Solutions'
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Salesforce integration

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system is now integrated with the world’s best face-to-face canvassing app, Ecanvasser. If your organization uses Salesforce and wants to capture data from face-to-face conversations including surveys, contact information or any other data point then you should be excited about this.

Political organizations, advocacy groups, NGO’s and companies all place huge value on the data they get in face-to-face conversations but up until now this data was usually captured after-the-fact in notes, or not at all. Now you can put incredible outreach apps in the hands of all your activists/team members/staff and make sure your database is updated in real-time.

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    Drive your campaign outreach with this innovative integration by putting it in the hands of your canvassers.

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    Build people power in your community by giving it to your activists at events or community engagements.

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    Increase productivity in your field sales teams by tracking and monitoring everything that happens in the field.

Mailchimp integration

Any organization that wants to reach their community and engage their supporters needs tools that operate both offline and online. Getting the best from email, social media, events and face-to-face conversations has been a challenge in the past. But now, with Mailchimp and Ecanvasser together organizations have the complete toolkit for organizing that reach the entire community whether they are online or offline.

Mailchimp's powerful social media scheduling, email marketing and website builder complements Ecanvasser's world-beating community engagement apps and analytics CRM system. Map your community members and then reach out to them in the real world or online.

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    Broadcast your campaign messaging to a wide audience quickly using Mailchimp's best-in-class email marketing tools

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    Create superb websites and online surveys to present your organization to the world

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    Merge your online and offline campaigning efforts with seamless social media campaigns and face-to-face outreach all connected to the Ecanvasser CRM

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CallHub integration

With our CallHub integration you can now sync across lists of contacts from Ecanvasser that need to be contacted by phone or SMS. When you’ve spoken with someone, why not build on that relationship and contact them by phone or SMS subsequently?

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    Send tailored SMS campaigns that open engagement with your community and then follow up directly with Ecanvasser

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    Run large-scale phonebanking campaigns that build on the insights you have built in Ecanvasser's intelligent CRM system

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    After a successful face-to-face outreach campaign with Ecanvasser, follow up by SMS with CallHub to reinforce the relationship

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As simple to set up
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Ecanvasser was built by people who have been where you are, and understand all the moving parts of successful canvassing.

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    Onboard your team quickly

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    Track canvassing activity in real time

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    Stay in control of every campaign

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