Build connected communities of campaigners

Chapter management software for distributed organizations

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One platform to manage every chapter of your organization

Your community-supporter-chapter management tool that balances autonomy for local chapters with head office control

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Create a virtual map of your chapter network

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Balance control versus autonomy between head office and local chapters.

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Leverage the power in your grassroots network.

Why do people use Ecanvasser's digital infrastructure for chapter-based organizations?

Empower local organizers

Unlock the potential of your local organizers. Your grassroots are your greatest asset with a wealth of skills, expertise and passion that can drive your mission forward.

Give them the tool-kit to manage supporters and run campaigns both offline and online that build a community.

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Compare and contrast chapters

Chapter management is about learning from each other. Our analytics dashboard allows you to see which chapters are effective in their work and what others can learn from that.

Data-driven organizing on a regional and national scale.

Technology Change Management Guide

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Sync local activity to Leader

Giving autonomy to local leaders is important but it is also necessary to have access to all of the information being gathered.

Your Leader dashboard is the central database of contacts and supporters being fed information from activity across your chapter network.

Global controls to drive your movement

The only software you need to grow and engage your community.

Supporter CRM and profile builder | Community CRM with mapping and targeting | Network structure to foster grassroots autonomy | Privacy dashboard to protect community data and build trust | Mobile-first tech to ensure you are building on every interaction in the community

As simple to set up
as it is to use

Ecanvasser was built by people who have been where you are, and understand all the moving parts of successful canvassing.

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    Onboard your team quickly

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    Track canvassing activity in real time

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    Stay in control of every campaign

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