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Everything you need to run effective political campaigns at scale

Ecanvasser is a flexible, secure software solution that enables you to give autonomy to your local and regional offices, while keeping top level control of your campaigns.

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Assign, manage, and track your local and regional campaigns from one centralized platform

Manage all of the activity in your Ecanvasser sub-accounts – and give your local chapters the support and flexibility they need to coordinate their efforts for greater results.

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Organize your database

Create a virtual map of your supporter and voter database, set up surveys and goals, and track local and regional campaign progress.

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Create more autonomy

Structure your local offices, assign user permissions, and give autonomy to your local teams – while keeping control from HQ.

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Get actionable insights

Collect the data you need to drive grassroots mobilization and achieve campaign goals for your organization.

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Improve campaign results across your local chapters

Give your organization's local and regional offices the ability to collaborate, manage supporters, and run more effective online and offline campaigns.

  • Recruit new team members and volunteers

  • See which of your offices are excelling, and use these insights to help other offices achieve more.

  • Grow stronger relationships with your supporters and voters

Get greater transparency into canvassing and campaign progress

Ecanvasser's user-friendly interface allows you to set up surveys, permissions, and organizational goals at both global and local levels – to give you deeper insights into your network of offices, supporters, and voters.

  • Give your local organizers the flexibility to control their own settings

  • View activity across your entire organization – from a high-level overview through to granular map and list views

  • Fully customize your dashboard for your organization's needs

Get the support you expect from
a technology partner

Ecanvasser works together with you as a trusted technology partner to give you the level of premium support you expect as a large political organization.

We'll pair you with a dedicated account manager who will help align your organization's workflow and processes with our apps and dashboard.

  • Priority support to help you implement and launch fast

  • Tailored onboarding and training for your teams

  • Campaign and canvassing advice and tech support – whenever you need it

Control and protect your campaign and community data

Enterprise-grade security is built into every aspect of how political organizations run their campaigns on the Ecanvasser platform. From e-signing, to user permissions, to data management – everything has been designed from the ground up with your privacy and security in mind.

  • Quickly import and scrub your existing database

  • Create specific privacy and user settings for your entire organization

  • Handle data audits easily – and respond rapidly to data breaches

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