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Billed Monthly

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Billed Annually

Save 35%



per month

Perfect for individuals or small teams getting started.


Includes Essential features and:

2,500 contacts

5 custom fields



per month

Work better as a team and target a larger area.


Includes everything in Starter and:

20,000 contacts

10 custom fields

Standard Plus


per month

For running multiple, more effective teams.


Includes everything in Standard and:

50,000 contacts

10 custom fields



per month

Run and scale multiple teams and track in real-time.


Includes everything in Standard Plus and:

100,000 contacts

75 custom fields

Real-time field tracking

Accountability & Reporting tools

Most popular

Customizable & powerful solutions that are all inclusive and scale to any size backed up with market leading privacy tools ensuring compliance.


Includes everything in Pro and:

Unlimited network spaces

Tailored onboarding

Flexible database sizes

Account management

White labeling

Personalised training

Custom reporting

Unlimited custom fields

Private API


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional cost for inviting users or admins to Ecanvasser?

No, inviting as many members or users as you wish to Ecanvasser won't result in any extra charges. In fact, the more people you involve, the better it is!

Can my team members use the app if they are offline?

Licensed team members can use Ecanvasser when offline or out of coverage. The data automatically syncs once they return to coverage.

What happens when my 7 day trial has ended?

When your 7-day free trial has ended you will be automatically charged based on either the plan that you selected when you created your Ecanvasser account, or a different price plan based on the number of contacts that you have imported into Ecanvasser during the trial phase. If you've used a free 7 day trial, you won't be eligible for another free trial as free trials are limited to one per customer. If you already used your trial and create a new account, your subscription will start immediately and you will be charged.

How do I import my data to Ecanvasser?

Easily import data using our importer tool on the dashboard from .csv or .xls or sync across a list from an integrated account such as L2, CallHub, NationBuilder, or Salesforce. Visit our support pages for more details on importing data.

What devices does Ecanvasser work on?

Ecanvasser is compatible with all modern browsers, such as Chrome or Safari. Our mobile apps are natively built and available for download with Apple iOS and Android devices.

Are there any setup costs?

No, there are no set up costs with Ecanvasser. The only charge is your subscription, which is billed monthly or yearly, dependent on the subscription plan.

Where is my data stored, and how secure is it?

Ecanvasser is available on two AWS data centers one in the U.S.A. (California) and the other in the E.U. (Dublin, Ireland). These data centers are complete standalone instances of the Ecanvasser Systems, the choice of where your data is stored is based on the customer's geographic location, and all data will be stored within this data center and will not reside outside this center. All Ecanvasser domains are securely accessed via a HTTPS (SSL) connection. Account data is not shared and is encrypted to industry standard. Our data-centers have passed the SSAE16 audit. All databases are backed up once a day by one of the file servers and then backed up by S3 storage for 30 days.

Once I sign up am I tied to a contract with you?

When you are paying for Ecanvasser on a monthly basis you pay the subscription up front and so you are never tied into any contract beyond what you have already paid for. The same applies to yearly subscriptions.

Who do I contact if I am having problems or need support?

If you have having any difficulty please don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

If I cancel my account do I lose my data?

You can export your data when you are finished your account or you can maintain your account with our Essentials plan for a greatly reduced monthly fee. Essentials maintains your access to functionality for contact management, data analytics and team onboarding. Should you cancel your account, all your data will be safely deleted within 30 days of processing your account closure request

What can Ecanvasser help me with?

Ecanvasser can help your organization with mapping your database and creating a structure of local chapters so grassroots teams are autonomous. Our community engagement apps allow grassroots teams to reach contacts on the doorstep, in the community or through relational networks. Our campaign insights drive grassroots mobilization and the achievement of organizational goals.

Will Ecanvasser work in my country?

Yes, Ecanvasser is used globally. The platform is designed and built to function in any country and the mobile apps are currently available in 13 languages.

Who can I invite to my Ecanvasser Event?

Events are for internal use and is restricted to your team members, making it private and secure as it is not public facing, unlike other social media event platforms. You can invite as many members as needed to an event however only licensed members can record interactions using any of the mobile apps.

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