Mobilize teams and identify people to build your movement in real time

Capture conversations wherever they may happen, reach your community both online and offline and build real relationships.

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Ecanvasser- Mobilize teams and identify people to build your movement in real time

Trusted by over 200,000 campaigners in 70 countries

We're changing the way you connect with your community

Ecanvasser's centralized dashboard and user-friendly mobile apps work together to provide an engaging experience for your teams and supporters – ensuring your organizing gets the best possible outcomes.

Capturing Interactions

Effectively record customized interactions in the field. Make strategic decisions and gather campaign-specific insights to drive your organization further.

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    Make statistical decisions based on community indicators captured in the field

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    Empower your field organizers to gain interactive field insights

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    Configure interaction statuses by creating, editing, migrating status colors, titles and deleting statuses

Ecanvasser- Capturing Interactions

Identify Community Sentiment

Capture conversations wherever they happen with surveys. Online or offline, don't let outside factors stop you from listening to your community.

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    Make field engagement easy and fun with our unique customizable surveys

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    Allow organizers to quickly capture community perceptions on key issues through their field app

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    Visualize your community responses with analytics and grow your supporter base

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    Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can create tailored surveys capture data and e-signatures

Ecanvasser- Identify Community Sentiment

Community Follow-up

Easily coordinate one-to-one follow-ups with your community and create long-lasting relationships with Helpdesk.

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    Facilitate real-time communication and allow your team to build relationships with your community by addressing individual questions

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    Speedily capture and respond to follow-up requests at the door, over the phone, through email, on social media, and at events

Ecanvasser- Community Follow-up

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