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Constituency Management? Here's Why You Should Care

Constituency Management

How do you solve a problem like it?

Extending engagement beyond elections and polling booths are what elected officials should be aiming to do.
You always hear about the candidate who isn’t seen until it’s time to go canvassing again and this just isn’t tolerated by the electorate anymore. Empowering your constituents should be the aim of anyone elected to office. All politics is local and this is why staying informed as a politician is crucial.

Many government officials have trouble managing constituent requests and the day-to-day issues of their work. Staff members are often forced to use outdated paper files to keep track of cases and handle their communications with programs like Word, Outlook, and Lotus; a migraine for many.

Even those offices that do have a unified system find it difficult to streamline voter issues, prioritise those that are urgent and follow up with casework, this is where Ecanvasser comes in.

Things We Are Experts On

Helping you maintain the connections you made with voters while out on the campaign trail through casework threads.

Canvassing is very rewarding and this is why it is often regarded as a game changer in politics. You are forming a relationship with a person through personal outreach - asking ‘what you can do for them’ is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is a time consuming, arduous task but to be elected you have to be willing to put in the hard miles.

Gathering all this information about your constituents is great but don’t simply compile it and then store it away for the next election, use it, forge stronger bonds with your voters, show them you care - cliche as it sounds.

Prioritising your voter's concerns

Issue tracking is about communication, or more precisely, maintaining open lines of communication between your team and voters/constituents. The various channels for this are well established for most representatives: social media, constituency clinics, public meetings, email and outreach all provide an interface for communication.

With Ecanvasser, we provide a database to meet all your needs. A clear repository to track the issues and to maintain an accurate record can be essential.

Tying constituency work together with re-election campaigning

Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied and this is fact. Think long term, that’s the beauty of politics. There is always more elections, more opportunities, more chances to prove your worth.
You can draw up your mandate based on what you have learned while tracking various issues. Issue tracking gives you a stable foundation on which to stand when running for re-election.

Things We Are Not Experts On - Yet!

Social Media

Remember all those Facebook and Twitter accounts that you activated when you were campaigning? Well, there is nothing worse than a Twitter account that hasn’t tweeted in 4 months, your electorate can literally pinpoint when you won/ lost or even stopped caring. Be present, use these channels as a form of outreach now, repurpose, build again!

Visibility is a must

Being active in your district or community is something which can’t be replicated online. Physically getting out and about and taking part in events is a great way to show that you are taking your new role seriously and that you have interest. It is taxing but it is a promotion that you literally cannot pay for. You are there to be seen, don’t hide away in your office!

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