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New Feature Release: Query Emails

*Release date: International 11th Sept, North America 18th Sept *

Here at Ecanvasser we are continually working towards giving campaign managers and constituency management the most robust solutions to their canvassing and voter management needs. To this end we are delighted to announce a major step forward in the form of our Query Email feature. What does this mean for you?

What is it?

From now on you can email your voters directly from your Queries tab and you can continue that correspondence in an easy to follow email thread. Each individual query is then maintained in your database for easy reference and follow up. Never again will you lose track of queries and you will be able to easily locate queries by filter or search from your dashboard.

Campaign Management

This feature will help all campaign managers in addressing specific issues in the run up to an election. It will ensure accountability to the electorate at a critical time for any candidate and underline their commitment to voter concerns.

Constituency Management

For constituency managers and elected representatives the Query Email feature will greatly strengthen constituent relationships and streamline this process. The great advantage of the cloud based Ecanvasser software is that these issues can be managed easily even if the candidate is away from the constituency.

A Total Solution

Query Email has been developed in response to customer feedback and now provides campaign and constituency managers with a total solution to voter management. From the first time a voter is contacted representatives now have the tools to build strong and sustainable relationships of trust.

If you would like to learn more about Query Emails or about Ecanvasser why not take a free trial and see how it can change your voter management.

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