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Local Government and GDPR Obligations

For local councils and councillors the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) presents significant challenges in handling constituents data and obtaining consent. Even though councillors may be allowed to process a constituent's personal data for the purposes of fulfilling a request on their behalf, that councillor is still a data controller and bound by the obligations of the legislation to manage that data securely bearing in mind the 6 pillars of the GDPR, and delete it as and when necessary.
Ecanvasser is a secure solution designed specifically for local politicians and government to do just that.

Some key benefits:

  1. Secure, encrypted database manager for councillors
  2. Ability to capture e-signature consent from constituents in person on a mobile device
  3. Ability for the council to have access to councillors consent in order to process constituent requests quickly
  4. Ability to canvass constituents anonymously if necessary
  5. Ability to canvass constituents using a consent based database on the door stop
  6. Ability to take constituent issues and bring them to a conclusion using this unique casework manager
  7. Ability to send consent approved emails to individuals or groups of constituents as necessary to resolve issues or keep people informed

Containing a Privacy dashboard, Permission level access, Anonymous canvassing, E-Signature and a fully encrypted server solution based in the EU, Ecanvasser is the only way to continue the great work of councils and councillors while addressing the obligations of GDPR.

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