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NationBuilder Update

Ecanvasser continues to improve its integration with NationBuilder in order to further enhance field operations and campaign management.


In the past NationBuilder lists and people were imported into Ecanvasser and could be used for field operations like canvassing and surveys. Following this update you can now create people directly from the Ecanvasser app and have it sync automatically. This means your community can be built on the doorstep, at the community picnic or on the street.


Surveys created in NationBuilder are now imported into Ecanvasser and can be used in the field. Survey responses automatically populate back to your NationBuilder dashboard once you set that survey to Live in Ecanvasser. Gaining qualitative data has never been so easy.
In addition, you can see all survey responses by turf for a full understanding of specific areas.
It should be noted that surveys created in Ecanvasser do not automatically transfer over to NationBuilder.
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Ecanvasser’s issue tracking function is one of its most powerful features and allows users to manage voter issues directly. Issues are logged in the field and can then be responded to directly from the Ecanvasser dashboard by email or social media. These issues are now tracked in NationBuilder also as a note is made automatically in the Log Contact section of that person’s page. This allows NationBuilder’s to keep on top of issues or to reply to them directly through Ecanvasser.

Support Levels

The support level function in NationBuilder integrates with Ecanvasser’s 5 star reception rating. A 5-star rating in Ecanvasser indicates strong support from that person so that populates in NationBuilder as a support rating of 1. A 1-star reception in Ecanvasser equates to a support level of 5 in NationBuilder.
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Canvasser orientation

Field operations should be made as easy as possible. Ecanvasser maps your NationBuilder lists to a Google Map and gives your field ops effectively a SatNav for their walklist. For example, canvassers can sort the walklist by the house nearest to them or they can filter by canvass status. All of this gives your field ops greater power and increases their effectiveness.
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People, House and Group views

Ecanvasser ties in with the NationBuilder view of the world better following this update. Instead of field ops being ordered just by street, Ecanvasser now allows users to see their community by House, by Street, by Group or even by People. You can even do a search for a specific person and pull them up on your walklist.

Ecanvasser is committed to improving the experience for all NationBuilders when they are out in the field and this update provides an unprecedented functionality to help gather data, improve field ops efficiency and build community the way NationBuilders know best.

If you would like to learn more about how Ecanvasser can help your field ops with NationBuilder why not try a free trial and see how it works for you.


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