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Product release: Leader Release 3

Digital infrastructure just got exciting!

Your field software needs to reflect exactly how your organization is structured, right? Leader Release 3 introduces Divisions which allows you to mirror the state-wide or county-wide structure that you operate. Within each Division you can have as many campaigns as you like and nominate the right people at local and regional level to manage each of these levels. Neat, huh! Let's take a look at how it all works.

On the new and improved Leader dashboard homepage, you can manage all your Divisions and see activity related to every aspect of your operation.

From the above,you can see that we are running a campaign for a Presidential Candidate in 2020 ( we aren’t saying who 😉).

We have organized our campaign using the Ecanvasser enterprise solution Leader. From our Leader account, we can view our campaign through each Division, in this case states. In the list view, you can see a general overview of our operation in each state when you click into a Division, you can further mine down into each individual campaign within that state to see the local operations. A map visualization of this data is on the way, stay tuned!

The best things about Leader R3 are:

1. You can customize the order of your Divisions to reflect the way your organization is structured. Digital world should mirror real world!

2. You can now do bulk inviting of new canvassers and campaign staffers so you save time.

3. You can break up your digital/field operations by the following views US President Campaign > Divisions such as New York, New Jersey , California > Campaigns such as Buffalo, Albany, Trenton, Hoboken & Long Beach.


4. You can set up and customize talking points for specific campaigns so your teams have the right information for the voters they are talking to.


5. You will now be able to export at a division level which means that you can print out all the data and results that you have captured during your operation. This also means greater transparency about your operation for you and your team.


6. Finally, the ability to create numerous sub-campaigns at once will be one of the most significant benefits for our users who manage many campaigns at once. Imagine the ability to be to create a campaign for every town/city in California in one sitting!

Don't waste anymore time, talk to us about Leader today.

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