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Summer Update

We here at Ecanvasser have had a busy summer in 2015! We have been (and continue to be) working hard improving current features and adding new ones. We have actively sought and listened to feedback from users (please feel free to send feedback and ideas to

Some of the updates and improvements to Ecanvasser include:

Query Reminders:

which will email your inbox and notify you within Ecanvasser at a time and date you set. This will remind you of the next actions for a query.

####Assigning Queries: This will allow you to assign a query to a person on your team who will deal with this query. You may reassign this as required.


One of the most exciting new features on Ecanvasser is the ability to import data from NationBuilder. This integration is a major step forward in the evolution and usability for Ecanvasser. We are aiming that by the end of September Ecanvasser will have the ability to sync data collected back to your NationBuilder campaign.

We are going to release an update to the app over the next month which will have more interesting changes. We are very excited about this next step for Ecanvasser. Our next Blog will deal with each of these changes in more detail.
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