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Voter Issues: The Importance of Tagging

Every election cycle brings with it new challenges for the people running. Managing a multitude of campaign tasks from raising funds to onboarding volunteers are a given for any candidate. Finding the time and brain space to tackle specific voter issues can often be a bridge too far. However, new technology is giving us the improvements in efficiency and the tools to manage this type of issue tracking.

Here's where we come in, Ecanvasser is a canvasser's best friend when it comes to capturing casework. No matter how small an issue is, we allow you to record it, tag it and give it a priority level. This shows your voters that you are a candidate that takes voter issues seriously and acts on them.


Why Tag An Issue?

Tagging an issue can be a lifesaver when you are in the middle of a campaign. Not only are you now able to search among the mess of campaign data easily but you can also segment voters based on these tags for world class follow up work.

Take the below issue for example

Fiona Maguire's issue isn't a new one, but we want to be able to group all anti-social behavior together so we have chosen the #vandalism tag.

Later when we search for #vandalism, we can easily find Fiona's issue.

Tagging is also great when trying to identify problems in a certain area. Simply add the specific location tag and you will be able to find all the issues in a certain area.

So we wanted to see all the issues that affected people in Hillview Avenue. Just search #HillviewAvenue and voila.

Remember you can add a tag at any point to an issue, so if you forget to add it in the beginning , you can add it in the note section later.

What we are trying to drive home is don't underestimate the power of tagging.

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