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The Benefits Of Using Political Campaign Software

The internet is full of "How to's, Best Practice Advice and Top Tips" for everything under the sun. In today's society, you don't get the opportunity to be a novice about anything anymore because you need to be at the top of your game from the word go and this is why we think that political campaign software is in such high demand.

There simply isn't enough time for deciphering the long paper trail that 'old school' politics has become associated with. Just how frustrating is it when a politician comes to your door and calls you the wrong name because their data is outdated? Politics isn't a forgiving business but the voters are even worse.

So how can companies like Ecanvasser help you with the data gathering issue?

That's the great thing, we can help you with that issue but also tons more. Having access to a software where as a campaign manager you can log onto a dashboard and oversee all aspects of your campaign is just the beginning. You can manage your team of canvassers from the constituency office but still have immediate contact with each volunteer each one has a mobile app.

I know what you are thinking, how did we manage before all this technology? We managed just fine actually, but now we can just do it so much better. Our outreach can now be better so our relationships with our voters are stronger as a result.

Running for election is a short term strategy reaping long term goals but it's once you’re in office that the real work starts. That is where constituency management software comes in handy and Ecanvasser allows you to do all this through the simple feature of issue tracking. Issue tracking is great because when you take down a concern from a member of your electorate, you can follow up on it and monitor its progress as you deal with it. Relaying all the efforts you are taking to help them is something the public likes to see but it also makes your job much easier.

Using political campaign software is efficient and it helps you put a strategic plan in place to get the most out of your team. Thanks to Obama and his well-documented relationship with voter data, we have seen the focus shift to how each candidate now approaches the data game. Not to be outdone in 2016, many of the US presidential candidates are finding new and innovative ways to champion this outlet. i360 is to the Republicans what NGP Van is to the Democratic candidates but what some of Bernie Sanders supporters have done is most interesting.

Sanders dedicated volunteers have developed a smartphone app that allows canvassers to collect voter data door-to-door without any help from campaign staff. The app called Field the Bern, allows Sanders enthusiasts unaffiliated with the campaign to collect key voter data on their iPhones — effectively stand-ins for organizers with the more traditional clipboards. It’s unclear how much the app will help turn out voters, but it is a reflection of Sanders supporters’ impatience for the political revolution.
“Our generation is not going to be handed another FDR,” said Josh Smith, one of the lead developers on the app. “We’re not going to just be given the large-scale infrastructure change we need. We have to build it ourselves.”

This just goes to show that people consider political campaign software the way forward. It pushes for progress and is all inclusive. Information is more shareable among campaign staff and it helps to foster a positive party feeling.

So it seems we can’t fight the inevitable forever, we must embrace political campaign software now if only to make our own job easier!

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