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Update: Custom Fields integrated with NationBuilder

Ecanvasser released Custom Fields to all customers back in January, helping campaigns to import all of the rich data on their voters that they have in their voter files. Elements such as party affiliation, ethnicity and voting history could now be imported easily into Ecanvasser.

What this meant for our customers was that they could manage their ground game with the full array of information at their disposal. This means you can better target voters with personalized messaging and to better equip field operatives to communicate clearly on the doorsteps.

The final piece of the puzzle for us was to ensure this complete functionality was extended to our NationBuilder customers. Now custom fields created in NationBuilder can be updated on the doorstep with Ecanvasser and synced back directly to your Nation. Now you can import all the rich data on your Nation into Ecanvasser at the click of a button.You can breathe easy knowing that none of your outreach work is lost.

NationBuilder users can now manage their field operations, canvassing and campaign outreach with a complete field product on the market. No more clumsy walk-lists people, no more transcription, just better quality data every time.

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