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What We Have Learned From Campaigning This Year

2016 is being painted in the media as the year when Trump ripped up the campaign rulebook but we have seen a different story on the campaign trail with our customers.

Trump has turned his back on traditional field campaigning but in all primary races from Sheriff to Senate, we see the best-run ground game campaigns winning every time.

Working across various continents, Ecanvasser is being deployed by many candidates and the exciting thing is they are all using it differently.

Our Top 3 lessons from our campaigns this primary season?

  • Campaign managers are the single greatest asset you have, whether that person is your $500-per-hour political consultant or your nephew! Their real value is in leading (what is often a hastily assembled group of individuals) with a clear vision and making the most efficient use of time and money.

  • Voters are ridiculously impressed when the candidate gets involved on the ground. If you can get your candidate in front of people at town halls, door knocking or anywhere in public, it will pay off. Our campaigns report a near doubling of 'likelihood to vote for us' when the candidate meets a voter.

  • Prepare for every eventuality in the ground game. Voter not home? Leave a door hanger or postcard with your candidate's message. Voter's not receptive to you? Have a well-defined response for canvassers and make sure they deliver it politely.

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