Grassroots-led community engagement

Mobilize supporters to capture data and drive engagement

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Go - Ecanvasser available on iOS and Android


Encourage supporters to swipe right and capture conversations & surveys

  • Engage your community directly
    Your community engagement strategy means capturing conversations wherever they happen. Done in a structured way, this yields actionable data for campaign messaging and digital outreach.
  • Track voter sentiment in real-time
    Your grassroots activists can track community sentiment by capturing survey and polling responses all the time. 'Always-on' organizing will allow you to track how the community feels about key issues over time.
  • Make political organizing fun
    Mobilizing supporters can be difficult. Motivate them by letting them see how they are contributing to the overall effort and how the story is changing because of their activism.

Relational organizing to build people-power

  • Find supporters and turn them into leaders
    Supporters can be turned into activists or voters using Ecanvasser Go. Toggle supporters to volunteers or get a pledge of voting intention while talking to people.
  • Lower the ask on supporters but increase the impact
    Find new supporters at campaign events or in specific locations. Bring new supporters into your ladder of engagement. Capture contact information with GDPR compliant e-signature opt-in.
  • Grow your grassroots membership quickly
    Using grassroots mobilization strategies you can grow your database of active supporters to volunteering, donations and community outreach.

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