Simplify your political campaign management

Get a complete software ecosystem to help grow your membership and turn more supporters into voters

Political software to leverage the power of your grassroots members

  • Mobile apps and digital tools so you can reach your supporters and voters

  • A live map of your supporters and their profiles so you can visualize the membership in your organization

  • A separate instance of Ecanvasser for each of your constituencies or field offices so you can give autonomy without losing control

  • A data privacy dashboard to ensure compliance in voter management and data gathering in the field

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising tools so you can build a predictable donor program

  • Data analysis and insights so you can understand your organization’s campaigning and easily report on it

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Building Connected Constituencies

  • Outreach CRM that is always-on and driving organizational campaigns

  • Network-based structure to connect local offices together

  • Two-way communication system with your community

Reporting Kills, Insight Thrills

  • Visualize your wider community in map or CRM format

  • See grassroots actions tracked in real-time

  • Aggregate data into meaningful reports

Turning Passive Support Into Votes

  • Invite passive supporters into your active database easily

  • Visualize supporter profiles on a live map and comms tool

  • Motivate supporters with progress reports and individual contributions

Developing a Broad Membership Base

  • Use your existing supporters to find new donors in the community

  • Tag and filter donors for follow-up email or SMS campaigns

  • Generate predictable small-donation fundraising program

How your people will benefit from Ecanvasser’s political technology

General Secretaries

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization from local grassroots operations to national-level campaigns.

Run your distributed network of members effectively, getting the most from your people and reaching deep into the community.

Use the analytics coming back from local offices to generate insights around messaging and strategy for the entire organization.

Customer 1

Campaign Coordinators

Give your grassroots teams the tools they need to really reach out into their communities and build awareness of the party.

Track activity on all outreach both digital and real-world and clearly see responses from the voting community in graphic format.

Make sure your teams have the phone, SMS, email and face-to-face toolkit to reach out on campaigns.

Customer 2

Regional Directors

Have the digital infrastructure to manage a distributed network of local offices and teams.

Balance autonomy and control in managing your regional network. Give control of operations to local teams but maintain oversight and data management at the regional level.

Leverage the power of your grassroots network getting them to build relationships on the ground and feed valuable data back to the central database.

Customer 4

Data Protection Officers

Ensure compliance with legislation as a data controller and maintain your database easily.

Respond to subject access requests quickly with full exporting, anonymization and deletion capacity. Data audits are expedited with full data trail on all activity by your team members.

Protect the integrity of your database with permission access for all levels of team members and the ability to silo local offices from each other while maintaining a central database for head office.

Customer 5

District Managers

Caseworker allows you to capture issues from your community and follow-up with them in a timely and efficient manner. Assign a casefile to a team member and indicate a priority level so the casework can be processed directly from the Ecanvasser dashboard. Reply to the community member by email and resolve the issue for them quickly.

Capture issues at constituency clinics, local meetings, on doorsteps or even from social media. Each issue is individually logged and recorded automatically so you are always on top of what your community needs.

Customer 8

Field Organizers

There is now a clear trend towards phone and SMS outreach for political organizations. Face-to-face outreach programs on doorsteps or at events are now being supplemented by phone and SMS communications. Using your teams' own phones you can reach members, supporters and community members quickly and efficiently. All data is captured in real-time while on the call and sync'd back to the central database.

Run persusasion campaigns and GOTV operations direct from your supporters' phone to ensure maximum turnout on election day. Simply assign call lists to your volunteers and even push call scripts direct to their app to keep them on-message at all times. Phone and SMS outreach is the most effective and efficient way of reaching your community this year.

Phone outreach

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