Distributed organizing software

For organizations with multiple regional or local offices

One platform to manage your entire organization's campaigning

Your community-supporter-chapter management tool that balances autonomy for local chapters with head office control

Create a virtual map of your chapter network.

Balance control versus autonomy between head office and local chapters.

Leverage the power in your grassroots network.

How do organizations use Ecanvasser's digital platform for distributed organizing?

Mobilize your organization to make a lasting impact

  • Harness the power of your members with a bottom-up digital infrastructure
    Dispersed organizations need a structure that allows them to coordinate their efforts and all work toward the organizational goals. Leader is the infrastructure you need to build a movement.
  • Actionable community insights
    HQ's need to have their finger on the pulse of their communities, to see how sentiment is trending in real-time. Capture every conversation your supporters are having to hear every voice in your community.
  • Grassroots mobilization
    Recruit more efficiently, motivate more effectively. Leader gives the right amout of control to your local organizers while still being able to control activities from HQ.

Intelligent digital infrastructure

  • Global controls
    The right amount of control needed by HQ to set surveys, permission levels and organizational goals. Autonomy over local settings remains with local organizers.
  • Network visualization
    Bring your network of local chapters and supporters to life on our dashboard interface. Move easily from global views of the organization down to the granular level by map or list navigation.
  • Customizable UI
    Marketing leading interface for your supporters and total flexibility in customizing it to your organization's goals

You don’t just need software, you need a partner

  • Dedicated account manager
    You'll be assigned a single point of contact to help you align your workflow and processes with our products. We provide tailored training and oversee technical onboarding.
  • Onboarding and training
    Every campaign cycle brings new techniques, technology, and campaign personnel. We can help your team to get off to the right start and to benefit from our campaigners who are always-on and up to date with the latest campaign techniques.
  • Premium support
    Campaign teams need the highest level of support for the period of their campaign to ensure they are prioritized and their account has a dedicated manager.

Your community's data needs to be protected

  • Data controller
    We manage the data processing element of your obligations so you can focus on being a data controller. Easily import and clean your database so you are starting on the right foot.
  • Privacy by design
    From e-signature consent, to permission access, to privacy dashboard, every element of Ecanvasser is designed with data protection in mind. Create your privacy settings for your entire organization to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Data management
    Having one central dashboard to manage the data from your entire organization avoids unnecessary risks. Handle subject access requests, data audits easily and respond to data breaches quickly.

Empower local organizers

Unlock the potential of your local organizers. Your grassroots are your greatest asset with a wealth of skills, expertise and passion that can drive your mission forward. Give them the tool-kit to manage supporters and run campaigns both offline and online that build a community.


Compare and contrast local offices

Chapter management is about learning from each other. Our analytics dashboard allows you to see which chapters are effective in their work and what others can learn from that. Data-driven organizing on a regional and national scale.


Sync local activity to Leader

Giving autonomy to local leaders is important but it is also necessary to have access to all of the information being gathered. Your Leader dashboard is the central database of contacts and supporters being fed information from activity across your chapter network.


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