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Why do campaign managers use Ecanvasser?

Campaigns that work with us find a much greater level of organization for their team who are all plugged-in, either through the dashboard or the mobile app. Savings are seen in administration, data entry, software costs and in overall efficiency. Best of all, these savings translate to more time spent gathering support and locking down votes for the campaign.

Avg. time saving per week
Reduction in email marketing software costs
Avg. increase in doors knocked through using mobile app
Avg. saving in software spend
Increase in volunteer onboarding
Increase in doors knocked
Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager


  • Import your voter file or NationBuilder people
  • Locate your voters on our intelligent maps
  • Set out your walk lists and constituency segments
  • Assign teams for canvass
  • Develop canvassing surveys
  • Outline talking points and messaging
Campaign Manager


  • Replace electoral register with our app
  • Sync walk lists to the app
  • Track data and canvassers progress in real time
  • Keep track of canvassers for security purposes
  • Offline data backup
  • 5 star reception rating for accurate polling
Campaign Manager


  • Identify Voter issues and trends
  • Develop custom surveys for accurate polling
  • Identify swing voters and undecideds
  • Predict election outcome accurately
Campaign Manager


  • Template email and letter replies
  • Reply to voter issues directly
  • Develop key messaging for run up to the election
  • Understand voter queries and issues
  • Return to swing voters with accuracy