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Get outside the online bubble and
develop your community IRL


Understand your community

  • Turn conversations into data, data into action
    Conversations are the basic units of our communities. Learn how to capture the most important information in a conversation and use that data to build incredibly rich and meaningful interactions with your community.
  • Build visualizations of your community
    With Ecanvasser Go you can build a picture of what your community thinks on topics and what type of people they are. Use this information to inform your campaign messaging and digital outreach.
  • What if you could track the changing mood of your community?
    Never be blind-sided by changes in the mood of the community with regular surveys and polling. See how community sentiment changes over time and react to those changes quickly.

Find new supporters and activate them

  • Target areas and events for supporters
    Find new supporters at events or at locations that you can’t reach them online. Take their details and get them active in your community. Capture contact information with secure e-signature consent that complies with GDPR.
  • Build your supporter base, one conversation at a time
    If you don't have an existing database you can build your own through face-to-face engagement and then nurture those relationships online or through activism. People are far more likely to become active when they are engaged in real life by local organizers.
  • Activate your new supporters to take action and effect change
    Identified supporters can be developed into your active team with just 1-click on the app. Assign tasks to supporters and use their local connections to develop your network. Activists keep your community Aware - Informed - Engaged.

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