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driving advocacy

Let your organisation speak
with one voice

Why do grassroots movements use Ecanvasser?

Offices that work with us find a much greater level of organization for their team and they never lose track of constituent issues. Efficiencies are found in administration, data entry, software costs. All this results in you having a deeper understanding of your constituents and being able to represent them better.

Avg. admin time saving per month
Avg. increase in membership after 1 year
Avg. reduction in monthly office spend
*stationery/software/IT costs


  • Follow up with your community with our email and issue tracking CRM system
  • Track and measure the success of your grassroots advocacy campaigns with custom analytics
  • Onboard volunteers with the click of a button
  • Bring on local chapters and delegate responsibility to individual campaign managers

    Build your community

  • Built for organizations that want to run public facing advocacy campaigns for members and non members alike
  • Reach out face-to-face to your community with our mobile app
  • Create turfs for canvassing and assign these turfs to canvassers' mobile devices