Ecanvasser Professional Services

For teams that want to get more from their campaign

Professional Services

Work with our team of data scientists and experienced campaign professionals to get the very best campaign set-up and implementation. Train your teams in how to use Ecanvasser and how to run all aspects of their campaign for optimal performance. Avail of the most advanced campaign insights from our data scientists without the need for outside consultants.

Campaign Launch

Setting up and launching your campaign is the critical phase that will determine how efficient your team will be. Use our experience from over 4000 campaigns to get your campaign right.


  • Discovery call and campaign workflow customization
  • Gather organizational structures (incl. breakdowns by regions)
  • Discuss voter data availability and options and use
  • Assess data imports and data cleaning requirements
  • Look at options regarding shapefiles, centralized onboarding etc.
  • Address creation of surveys, custom fields, app config etc.
  • Analysis of your electoral system and optimal set-up to match this


  • Streamline your workload in campaign set up
  • Optimize your account from the beginning with little overhead
  • Implement best practices, insights, and learnings from the Power CI team

Premium Support

Campaign teams need the highest level of support for the period of their campaign to ensure they are prioritized and their account has a dedicated manager.


  • Dedicated account manager for your campaign
  • Direct phone and email contact with the AM
  • Account implementation oversight
  • Regular check-ins to optimize your account
  • Full tutorials with our campaign professionals for your team
  • Account specific optimization and workflow insights
  • Campaign advice and priority response


  • Single point of contact to direct your account
  • Ongoing engagement and training
  • The certainty that you are achieving optimal campaign performance

Advanced Analysis

Data-driven campaigning powers the best campaigns all around the world. We have a team of data scientists and campaign professionals to help you leverage your data to win election.


  • Full review of the campaign to date, a particular period of activity, or contrasting periods
  • Identify the most efficient times for campaign activity and largest return from engagement
  • Team member analysis against the standard deviant
  • Analysis of custom data points and surveys
  • Contrast Ecanvasser data with official election results
  • Produce high-quality shapefiles for use in the campaign, or Google Maps
  • High resolution printable PDF maps for use in campaign reporting


  • Build your campaign intelligence by understanding what campaign strategies worked
  • Build your knowledge of the electorate and the key issues that affect them
  • Develop insights to target vote-winning efforts

Data Services

Campaigns with high-quality data on the electorate are more likely to be efficient in targeting the right voters and avoiding costly outreach and advertising to the wrong voters. Our team can source and import high-quality data directly into your Ecanvasser campaign.


  • Simple form fill-out to get started
  • Full voter-mapping so you can view data by list or map
  • Advice and support from the implementation team on initial voter targeting
  • Provision of high-quality data is available (US based customers only)
  • Advice and support on data acquisition and implementation in other jurisdictions
  • Price matched to data vendors so you do not pay for implementation or set-up


  • Faster campaign set-up
  • Certainty around data quality
  • Save your resources sourcing and importing data

Campaign Training

Every campaign cycle brings new techniques, technology, and campaign personnel. We can help your team to get off to the right start and to benefit from our campaigners who are always-on and up to date with the latest campaign techniques.


  • Ecanvasser tutorials on all aspects of campaign set-up and maintenance
  • Campaign training program delivered by our campaign team and political consultants
  • Online or onsite training options
  • Bespoke training programs tailored to your campaign team’s needs
  • Access to tangential campaign training professionals for any aspect of campaign activities
  • The most up to date campaign techniques and technology advice


  • No loss of campaign know-how and intelligence from cycle to cycle
  • The ability to compete with better-funded campaigns
  • Access to a range of consultants and trainers for a fraction of the cost of employing directly

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