General Data Protection Regulation

Data protection compliance for your organisation

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What is GDPR?

  • New data protection legislation May 2018
  • Affects anyone who holds identifiable personal data on an individual/voter
  • Organizations and the individuals therein found to be in breach of the legislation are open to prosecutions of €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover
  • From now on voters will be able to demand access to any data you hold on them and request it to be deleted or transferred to a third party
  • If you wish to hold identifiable personal data or sensitive data about an individual you will need to gain clear consent from that individual to do so
  • If you hold sensitive personal data, such as voting history, political preferences, or specific issues related to an individual, then you will need to appoint a Data Protection Officer in your organisation

How Ecanvasser can help you become GDPR compliant

  • Outsource the secure data processing of your voter data
  • Focus on your data controller obligations, staff training and permission access
  • Easily import and clean your voter data to ensure compliance
  • Have an easy system for handling access requests
  • Have an easy system for managing a full data audit
  • Have a method of capturing consent from voters for ongoing communication
  • Privacy dashboard allows you to log the record of processing activities to allow your data controller to demonstrate compliance

What is GDPR?

  • We have updated our terms and conditions
  • Updated our security policies
  • Improved database security and encryption methodology
  • Fireproofed database access protocols
  • Instituted a public privacy policy
  • Initiated the facilitation of digital signature consen
  • Completed our end to end data handling map
  • We have retrofitted all existing functionality according to our privacy by design methods
  • Implemented a privacy dashboard for customers

Follow our 10 step guide to becoming GDPR compliant

1. Anonymize your data
You can have unlimited users on your account. With Ecanvasser, you can manage all of your users in our member directory and simply activate them as and when necessary. We have 2 types of user licenses available on the Ecanvasser platform; Locked and Shared. A Locked License is assigned to a specific user, meaning that this member has access to the Ecanvasser platform at all times. This is recommended for members who need access on an ongoing or regular basis, especially managers or staffers. A Shared License allows multiple users to access the Ecanvasser platform, based on the number of available shared licenses.
2. Appoint a Data Protection Officer
You can purchase additional user licenses and these will be added on to your subscription.
3. Can my team members use the app if they are offline?
Licensed team members can use Ecanvasser when offline or out of coverage. The data automatically syncs once they return to coverage.
4. Communicate and train your organization
When your 7-day free trial has ended you will be automatically charged based on either the plan that you selected when you created your Ecanvasser account, or a different price plan based on the number of contacts that you have imported into Ecanvasser during the trial phase. If you've used a free 7 day trial, you won't be eligible for another free trial as free trials are limited to one per customer. If you already used your trial and create a new account, your subscription will start immediately and you will be charged.
5. Build protocols around gaining consent
You can import your database via our importer tool on the dashboard from .csv or .xls, or sync across a list from an integrated account such as CallHub, NationBuilder or Salesforce. Visit our support pages for more details on importing data.
6. Review your systems and locations of data storage
Ecanvasser can be used with Apple iOS devices and Android devices.
7. Draw up your data retention policy
No, there are no set up costs with Ecanvasser. The only charge is your subscription, which is billed monthly or yearly, dependent on the subscription plan.
8. Know how to deal with a Subject Access Requests
Your privacy and security is our top priority. All Ecanvasser domains are securely accessed via a HTTPS (SSL) connection. Account data is not shared and is encrypted to industry standard. Our data-centers have passed the SSAE16 audit. All databases are backed up twice a day by one of the file servers and then backed up by S3 storage.
9. Get a data processor partner
When you are paying for Ecanvasser on a monthly basis you pay the subscription up front and so you are never tied into any contract beyond what you have already paid for. The same applies to yearly subscriptions.
10. Establish protocols for data breach reporting
If you have having any difficulty please don’t hesitate to contact us