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Capture data anywhere (even offline) with a flexible & easy to use mobile app

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Capture survey information anywhere

Engage your community directly
Your community engagement strategy means capturing conversations wherever they happen. Online or offline, don't let outside factors stop you from listening to your community.
Meet, greet, and understand
Using the Go app, you can understand the sentiment of the community with a few simple clicks. Do quick polling and understanding how your community feels about key issues.
Make organizing relatable
Depending on your project or campaign, sometimes organizing can be hard. Make things as easy and fun as possible with our unique apps.

Do it all with Ecanvasser Go

Works without any prepopulated data
Every piece of information captured is time stamped and geotagged
Customise all the data you collect so you are working with quality information
Build your own database easily from scratch
Take your data offline or move to other solutions through the Ecanvasser export function

Trusted by over 200,000 organizers in 70 countries

Political campaigners and political parties
Supporters can be turned into new party members or voters using Ecanvasser Go. Toggle supporters to volunteers or get a pledge of voting intention while talking to people
Community groups
With our mobile app Go , groups are tracking how many people they reached with their campaign. It allows them to distinguish how many of the reached people are potential supporters of their project and how many were not interested.
Non-profits and registered charities
Many non-profits are using our Go app to grow their active database of members, searching for new volunteers to run events, collect new donors and adding people to their CRM.

As simple to set up
as it is to use

Ecanvasser was built by people who have been where you are, and understand all the moving parts of successful canvassing.

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    Onboard your team quickly

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    Track activity in real time

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    Stay in control of every campaign

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