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your campaign management

Ecanvasser's suite of apps and digital tools make your campaigning more efficient – so you can easily connect with and grow your supporter base.

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Give more autonomy to your grassroots teams

Enable your constituencies and field offices to have more autonomy over campaign outreach, while maintaining control of data and campaign management at the top level.

  • Create a network-based structure to connect local offices together

  • Grow membership through a two-way communication system with your field offices and communities.

Turn passive supporters
into voters

Ensure maximum turnout on election day with effective phone and SMS outreach apps that let you capture community sentiments and respond quickly to any issues.

  • Motivate your supporters with progress reports and individual contributions

  • Tag and filter donors for follow-up email or SMS campaigns

Increase your membership base

Ecanvasser makes it simple for your existing supporters to add people to your campaign from their own network – creating valuable new supporters, donations, and votes from one-to-one referrals.

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    Enable your team members to use their phones to contact supporters and run persuasion campaigns

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    Visualize your supporter profiles with a live map and comms tool

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Get actionable campaign data

Sync all your campaign activity, including app and SMS data, to your Ecanvasser dashboard – so you can monitor your organization’s progress and easily report on it.

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    Track grassroots activity in real time

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    Get detailed insights about your outreach and strategy for more agile and successful campaigns

Ensure total data privacy and compliance

From e-signature consent to permission access, Ecanvasser has been designed with your data protection and security in mind – letting you easily maintain your voter database and keep compliant with privacy legislation.

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    Handle subject access requests and data audits easily

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    Respond to data breaches quickly

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    View full data trails for your teams' campaign activity


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