Run faster, more efficient political canvassing

Ecanvasser streamlines political canvassing with digital solutions, enhancing door-to-door efficiency, real-time progress tracking, and identifying engaged voters.

Ecanvasser Dashboard

Save hours of time with paperless canvassing

Ditch the pen & paper and cut turf with a few clicks to create efficient walk-lists for canvassers.

Ecanvasser- Capturing Interactions

Online or offline? Capture conversations where they happen

Have your political canvassing team instantly capture and log conversations and surveys with their mobile app.

Ecanvasser- Mobilize teams and identify people to build your movement in real time

Plan and track your political canvassing

Easily create campaigns and track your canvassing activity in real time – measure progress, respond to questions, and update scripts.

Ecanvasser- Organize Community Ourtreach

Political canvassing has never been easier

Ecanvasser was built by people who understand all the moving parts of political canvassing, and how to make it more enjoyable for your teams – and your community.

Ecanvasser is designed for smarter, faster political canvassing

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Easy Turf Cutting

Guide your team members in the field and sync geo-targeted walk lists directly to your organizer's devices.

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Team Actions & Events

Don't waste time on logistics. Create actions such as political canvassing, invite your teams, send them notifications.

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Canvassing App Builder

Using a drag & drop app builder. Build and customize the canvassing app that your campaign needs.

Why people love political canvassing using Ecanvasser

It's really efficient - easy to canvass with, easy access to data, stats and outputs and ensures you can guide your teams in canvassing through surveys.

Amy K.
Campaign Manager at WEP
Amy Killen from Women's Equality Party

We succeeded in garnering 39.3% of the vote in a Primary Election with 5 candidates. Our next closest competitor got 19.1%. We have already created a separate account for the runoff election.

P Kennedy
Judge Campaign
Patrick Kennedy potrait

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