Run more successful campaigns for your organization

Ecanvasser's suite of solutions help you manage and track field operations, supporter sentiment, and data – so you can make better campaigning decisions and grow an engaged membership base.

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Trusted by over 200,000 campaigners in 70 countries

We're changing the way you connect with your community

Ecanvasser's centralized dashboard and user-friendly mobile apps work together to provide an engaging experience for your teams and supporters – ensuring your campaigns get the best possible outcomes.

Create stronger relationships with your supporters

With Ecanvasser's centralized supporter database, you can learn more about your community over time, enabling you to connect and engage with people on a personalized level and create more effective outreach.

Visualize your supporter profiles on a live map and comms tool
Turn passive supporters into active voters
Retarget and engage supporters based on their interests

Expand and engage your membership base

Ecanvasser's platform and apps enable you to easily grow your supporter network and motivate them to become powerful advocates for your organization.

Use existing supporters to find new supporters in the community
Tag and filter supporters for follow-up email and SMS campaigns
Build a predictable donor program with peer-to-peer fundraising tools

Keep your constituencies connected

With Ecanvasser, you can easily manage your distributed network of local offices and teams, while staying in control of data and campaign management at the top level.

Give autonomy and flexibility to your local teams
Enable teams to build community relationships that feed valuable data back to your database
Track grassroots activity in real time from the central dashboard

Advanced security, permission controls, and a modern campaign help desk

Keep control of your campaigns with industry-leading privacy tools, and the ability to quickly respond to community issues.

Protect your community with privacy-first data collection workflows
Customize permission settings to mirror your team setup and ensure teams have access to what they need, when they need it
Capture consents and signatures in the field, and anonymize your outreach data when campaigns are completed.

Increase brand credibility with white labeling

Allow your users can log in to a custom interface that has an appropriate
and intuitive design. Add your logo and colors to your dashboard, apps,
emails, and more.

Build brand visibility and strengthen brand loyalty amongst users
Increase software adoption with custom brand interfaces
Take advantage of expert work
Save development time and money
Ecanvasser white label feature shows dashboard and mobile views of Ecanvasser with alternative branding

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