Team Ecanvasser

Dedicated to our mission of making communities work

About Us

Ecanvasser is a platform that organises supporters to take impactful action for the benefit of their communities.

The people we work with realize there is a better way to organize their supporters and build better relationships in their communities. Ecanvasser is the next-generation of organizing platform. No messing. No fluff. Just tools that work to make an impact in the world.

Meet The Team

Brendan Finucane

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ciara O'Riordan

Senior Marketing Executive

"Making democracy work - We are helping individuals and organisations to better represent their communities"

Janet Breen

Chief Operations Officer

"Time is always available here at Ecanvasser for you to learn new skills"

“ Learning to succeed is a key principle at Ecanvasser, we help everyone to strengthen their existing skills and develop new ones. ”

Brendan Finucane

Veronika Schiftner

Customer Success Manager

Jane Walsh

Data Scientist

"From working at Ecanvasser, I have realised and appreciated how important it is to be educated in the way we vote"

Jay Bradley

Enterprise Account Executive

"Every role must have an entrepreneurial mindset"

Mark O'Keeffe

Senior Web Developer

"Ecanvasser helps with so much more than elections, community organizing literally matters to everyone"

Eoin Stack

Senior Software Developer

John O'Donoghue

Senior Fullstack Developer