A mobile canvassing solution that saves you hours of time during field campaigns

Create efficient and effective outreach campaigns and easily connect with your supporters by phone or in-person

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Canvassing made simple

Eliminate paper lists, simplify your campaign organization, and bridge the gaps in communication between your canvassers and your community.

The Walk App makes canvassing an enjoyable and productive experience for your teams – and for your supporters.

Field Organizers

There is now a clear trend towards phone and SMS outreach for political organizations. Face-to-face outreach programs on doorsteps or at events are now being supplemented by phone and SMS communications. Using your teams' own phones you can reach members, supporters and community members quickly and efficiently. All data is captured in real-time while on the call and sync'd back to the central database.

Run persusasion campaigns and GOTV operations direct from your supporters' phone to ensure maximum turnout on election day. Simply assign call lists to your volunteers and even push call scripts direct to their app to keep them on-message at all times. Phone and SMS outreach is the most effective and efficient way of reaching your community this year.

Create a door knocking program that suits your campaign goals

Drag and drop mobile canvassing app builder
Our customizable canvassing app is unique for campaigning.
Organize your canvass data more efficiently
Set up to 10 different colors and statuses to reflect the way you see your voters.
Protect your data with advanced user permissions
Create permission levels for your campaign team members that give them the access they need to do their jobs successfully.

See the progress of your canvass team in real-time

Easy team onboarding
One-click onboarding of team members by phone or email. Upgrade supporters and voters to volunteers when out in the field.
Manage your volunteers, cut turf and get out the vote
Create walk-lists and assign directly to canvassers. Assign follow-up work with voters to individual team members.
Stay in control of the canvassing operation
See canvasser activity in real-time and track how effective your team really are.

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