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From Start To Finish: Anatomy Of A Canvass

Ever wish you had canvassing tips to save you and your team a lot of time and heartache. Check out our infographic below which goes through a typical day in the life of a canvasser.

Canvassing operations should prioritize capturing information accurately and securely, as well as taking the opportunity to get your message across. Our top canvassing tips include:

  • Assemble your canvassing teams in advance and assign turfs or canvassing routes to them.
  • Make sure all of your canvassers are fully trained and understand what they are trying to achieve.
  • Ensure everyone has a fully charged phone and all of the safety and comfort items that they might need.
  • Do a security check with all canvassers before they go out in the field.
  • Give all canvassers a 'canvass script' with a number of questions that need to be filled out.
  • If personally identifiable data is being taken from voters, have a way to capture consent from the individual, ie, have an e-signature component to your mobile canvassing apps.
  • Make sure you sync all canvass data back to your central database after the canvass and clear any data from individual mobile phones if necessary.
  • Check that all canvassers have been accounted for and returned from the field.
  • Assess the data and build your next phase of operations from this.

Best of luck and if you have any questions about canvassing we would be happy to help you and your team.
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