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Collecting Data In Real Time: Surveys Vs Custom Fields

Canvassing door to door is a unique experience and it has proved crucial in many a campaign over the course of history. Fact: It is the best way to get to know your voters and it also gives them a platform to voice any concerns or issues that you as a political candidate can help them with.

It allows you to collect data in real time and this will only strengthen your campaign and as they say, the more you know…

So you are at the door, what next? Simple, get talking and if you want more specific ways of siphoning information use the following:


Doing surveys at the door is incredibly underrated. Once you have established a relationship with your voter at the door they are likely to want to engage in further discussion. Using a survey takes the pressure off the house owner because all you need is their opinion and therefore effort on their behalf is minimal. Keep the survey short and sweet and you will be surprised at how much useful info you come back with.

  • Surveys are a non-intimidating approach to gathering more meaningful opinions, comments, and feedback.
  • They evoke discussion.
  • You can now base decisions on objective information.
  • Learning objectives are the specific pieces of information you want to glean from your survey results.
  • Compare results from different peoples surveys

Custom fields

Sometimes a questionnaire won’t fit your agenda and you will want a quicker option to gather data. This is where Custom Fields are particularly useful.

You may want to consider adding a Custom Field titled Lawn Signs, Posters, or Signage, depending on the nature of campaigns in your jurisdiction. Create the Custom Field as simply a Yes/No if only one of these is particularly relevant for your Campaign, or have it Multiple Choice if you prefer to offer a selection.


Custom fields are versatile!

Custom Fields are your way of making Ecanvasser meet individual, campaign specific needs:

  • Poll-striking
  • Are your Volunteers affiliated with a local organizational chapter or branch?
  • Do your Volunteers prefer to only assist with certain duties?
  • Keep a record of voters requiring lawn signs.
  • Notes, allowing your canvassers to create Voter specific notes, that may not require the opening of an issue

To learn more about Custom Fields, click here

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