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Gain valuable insights by running smarter campaigns

People who are involved in political campaigning always want a few different outcomes. Some want to win votes, some want to raise awareness for certain issues and other people want to build strong relationships with their supporters.

Ecanvasser can cater for all these needs. Users often come to us with a vague idea of what we can provide them with, they know it’s canvassing of some kind, what they don't know is how much more we do.

Ecanvasser will help empower all its users (you just gotta let us!). It starts with a simple sign up, then we help you upload your voter file or database and finally, you get introduced to our suite of mobile apps. Simple, no hidden agenda.

We want to make democracy better, we want you to campaign better and by giving you those tools, we think you have everything in your power to get that job done.

How will Walk help?

Ecanvasser Walk is our original mobile app, the 'OG', the door to door canvassing app (I could go on). Replace pen and paper from your traditional outreach toolkit and save time on data entry at the end of a long evening out on the campaign trail.

Record valuable data in a totally secure manner and even customize the experience to what any team needs to see and ask on any given canvass.

A totally personalized canvassing experience, the Walk app helps you deliver key messages through our talking points features and also helps you organize your team better than any hired unit. We just want to make life as stress-free as possible for our campaign teams! Check out more info on Walk here.

Ecanvasser can GO far

The new addition to our outreach family is the location-based canvassing app Go.

Not only is Go super intuitive, but it’s also vibrant and packs a whole lot of punch. Imagine being at a big event and you want to add some supporters to your database? Thankfully, Go operates on a list free basis which allows you to engage directly with potential voters anywhere. Test the mood of the electorate by doing extensive polling and surveys which will in turn impact what messaging you decide to push out for your campaign.

These apps will help you earn votes, no questions asked, but the big win here is the insights you will gain from doing such solid groundwork. Our results table on the Ecanvasser dashboard will help you gain incredible knowledge about what makes your electorate tick!

Interested in using Ecanvasser to help you gain votes and insights? Sign up today to trial.

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