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Understanding Ecanvasser's Permission Levels

One of the most talked about aspects of any campaign team in 2017 is security and we fully understand why. Candidates want to learn more and more information about people in order to earn votes and information matters because information wins elections.

That's why Ecanvasser is the right software for you. Ecanvasser guarantees transparency and security through different permission level settings amongst our users.

With Ecanvasser, we have 4 main user settings and these will help you control who knows what throughout an election cycle.

Campaign Manager: Access to all features of the Dashboard except billing and canceling the campaign.

Campaign Staffer: All rights to the dashboard, except creating Groups and Teams.

Lead Canvasser: Access to the mobile app and can read reports of houses that have previously been canvassed.

Canvasser: Access to the mobile app but is unable to view the canvass history of a house.

So how does all this work?

Simple, when you sign up to use Ecanvasser you are gaining access to a dashboard which you can access on your laptop or tablet and a mobile app which comes in handy for when you are out in the field canvassing.

Who uses the dashboard on a daily basis?

The dashboard can be accessed firstly by the person who sets up the campaign - this person is the campaign owner and they have access to everything. From our experience, the Campaign Owner and the Campaign Manager are often the same people.

If the Campaign Owner is not the Campaign Manager then here is the subtle difference. Your Campaign Manager can’t delete the campaign or see the billing matters - that’s all.

The Campaign Manager is the main point person in our infographic above - everyone reports back to this individual and he/she can see everything on the dashboard, how many people in the voter file, all the completed canvasses and any issues reported.

The Campaign Manager has a lot of responsibility as they are the ones who create the groups and invite team members.

Next up, the Campaign Staffer also has access to the dashboard but is not able to create groups or invite team members. This allows for a certain amount of control to remain in the Campaign Manager's hands.

Mobile App Operators

Leaving Campaign HQ, we look next to the Lead Canvasser, who can access everyone on the database but only through the mobile app - no access to the dashboard.

Canvassers, these individuals usually make up most of your team, have access to specifically assigned groups. They cannot access data that has not been assigned to them, therefore, people don't have to worry about numerous people accessing their personal information.

If you would like to see Ecanvasser in action, why not set up a call with our excellent customer support Alan or Emily right here:

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