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Introducing Groundbreaking New Platform Ecanvasser Leader

Introducing Ecanvasser Leader, an entirely new way to manage and understand dispersed political organizations.

Whether it is national constituencies, precincts or wards, sometimes organizations require a higher level of control. Ecanvasser Leader gives these organizations an overarching view of aggregated data from all of their lower level structures and allows Organization Leaders to group and compare structures to see which ones are operating most effectively. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to see how your campaign in the 19th precinct is performing compared to your campaign in the 21st?

Political organizing is not done solely for the constituency or precinct level, so why should your campaign tech be stuck in that view? National political organizations, regional or state offices, and even local level operations can all benefit from Ecanvasser Leader to better understand and control their team and their electorate.

For the visual learners then:

What are the key features of Ecanvasser Leader?

  • As an Organization Leader, you can toggle between your Organization view and any individual Campaign (area, constituency, precinct, etc).#

  • Anyone below Organization Leader level, for example, individual Campaign Managers, will not have visibility beyond or above their own campaign.

  • You can compare individual Campaigns by date and activity.

  • You can view aggregated data on all your Campaigns.

  • You can filter your data by date to see changes in activity over specific periods.

  • You can add or subtract Campaigns to your Ecanvasser Leader account to reflect changing circumstances and scope.

Ecanvasser Leader is just the beginning for this functionality with further releases increasing functionality for Organization Leaders and improving reporting and analytics.

Check out our dashboard overview with our Customer Success Analyst Alan Conway here.

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