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Feature Release: Getting organized with Events

Our newest feature Events helps solve one of the biggest pain points for our clients; team management. A bugbear for customers is the time involved behind the scenes in getting a team out knocking on doors.  We are excited to release Ecanvasser Events to better schedule and organize your team events.

Going forward you can invite your team to any organization event through the Ecanvasser dashboard. Instead of using different apps - schedule your team events using Ecanvasser. Send invite notifications to Ecanvasser's mobile apps and your team can confirm attendance. Over time this data will be incredibly valuable to your team manager. From a volunteer or a member's point of view, you become that bit more involved in your organization and feel more connected. Events help track members through the ladder of engagement into becoming team leaders.

Why now?
We are in the midst of generational change in the manner in which we organize. Tech swept the political campaigning industry well over 5 years ago, the community organizers and non-profits are now up to speed and essentially, if your organization isn't all in on some kind of digital platform, you are not reaching your potential. But, don’t worry because Ecanvasser can help you with getting started.

The term “to organize” means to “arrange systematically” or “make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity)”, sounds like it could be stressful? We want to help change the narrative around this and make it more enjoyable and stress-free.

Listening to our current users,  we are aware that there can be an internal struggle of team management when it comes to organizing quickly. To get people out on doors, the back and forth over Whatsapp, Messenger, and (insert other apps here) can be endless. We aim to streamline this process for you with Ecanvasser. Now organizers can commit via the Walk app (their canvassing app!) and get notified in the run-up to the event so that they don’t forget. By building it into the door knocking process life has gotten a lot easier for campaign managers.

How are people using it?

Already, Events are being used in many ways and all of them come back to people and time management. The return an organization will see from managing their users more efficiently will change the way we use tech for organizing. Endless event options are achievable through our new release. It works for IRL events, online events, phone canvassing, and recruitment drives. Creating hybrid events with Ecanvasser will soon be the norm as organizations got very creative during the pandemic.
Furthermore, the feature was built with privacy and security in mind. Like many of our features, we created Events with a privacy-first mindset. Each person can confirm attendance without any other attendees seeing their identity. The only people to see a person's attendance is the event organizer.

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