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Feeling Fancy? Get In Campaign Mode

Getting set up for an election can result in you being in either election mode or campaign mode.

Being in election mode is the term we use when talking to candidates who know that an election is coming but they may not have started thinking about the nitty gritty of voter contact and campaigning. At this stage, it’s all about the win and the big moments on the campaign trail like the radio interviews, press days and even televised debates (if you reach those heights!). These are important but they aren’t the mode we are interested in at Ecanvasser.

At Ecanvasser, we love the candidate who is in campaign mode. Being in campaign mode to us means that you know where the real work is needed. The idea of canvassing generally excites you, you look forward to holding constituency meetings and you may be involved in chapter management to reach the highest number of voters. Throw in a dash of election mode and you have the perfect candidate.

So how will voter management software help propel you to victory?

Principles of Voter Management

Assemble Your Live Database

Imagine your phone book as being your most useful resource when it comes to campaigning. We need contacts! Assembling your live database or your voter file is crucial. The data in this file is irreplaceable and should contain names, addresses, phone and email addresses if you are lucky. You may be able to purchase this list or you may just fill it in as you canvass.

You can then segment your live database into segments, based on areas to target first, political affiliations, past voting records, specific issues in certain areas etc. Doing all this in the initial stages will help you paint a clear picture when it comes to rolling out your voter targeting strategy.

Open Channels Of Communication

Dealing with a live database is fun, yes, we said fun! You are constantly at work, pushing communication. Recording all the issues you are hearing at the door and assigning them to a specific voter allows you to develop a closer bond with your electorate. Building surveys relevant to the issues that are cropping up will help you deal with things in a more immediate fashion. Tracking where the survey answers are coming from and which canvassing team are most effective in securing survey answers allows you to maximize your outreach potential too.

Follow Up

The second round of outreach is equally as important as the first. Using your voter management software allows you to see the impact of your first point of contact. You are aware of the outcome of the last interaction thanks to voter profiles and issue tracking. You may follow up with certain individuals on the progress that has happened with their problems through their casework thread.

Be led By Your Voters, Not The Other Way Around

The importance of voter management software only further cements the role of voters in the democratic process. Voters yield all the power come election day so it is important candidates treat them as such. Voter management software allows you to create highly-targeted field programs that match your campaign's message with the interests and past behavior of voters. By targeting your voters more accurately, you use those limited campaign resources more effectively, making voter management software something your campaign can’t afford to do without.

If you want to learn more about the functionality of Ecanvasser and how we can help you with voter management, why not pop over to our training page The Campaign Blueprint.

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