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Managing Your GOTV Operation

GOTV: Getting out the vote effectively

When election day looms it is time to assemble the information you have been capturing from voters throughout your campaign. Pulling segements of your voter database who have committed to vote for you, or segments that have expressed some support is the first step.
Once you have done this you can either contact these groups with specific messages by email, phone or face to face.
The other thing you will need to do is contact people who have expressed a desire to vote for you but might need help to get out the vote. Having a plan of action to help these people actually vote will involve teams that can drive or bus them to the polling station.
Finally, you will need to set up poll strikers or counters outside the polling stations to mark people who have committed to vote for you, as and when they arrive to vote. Cross referencing this list of people who have voted with the larger list of people who said they will vote, gives you a target list of people to contact directly as the election day goes on.
This is the essence of GOTV and our handy graphic should help you to understand the value of using political campaign software to manage this.

The GOTV process made easy with Ecanvasser


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